tap n’ pow{h}er teacher training…get certified!!!!


We are super jazzed to announce our first tap n’ pow{h}er teacher training for 2015!! Spaces are limited to 15 attendees so book soon!! We also offer an Early Bird price break for 5 more days!

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Want a preview?? Click this link to see a little clip on what we are all about!!


Here’s what other teachers and studio owners are saying:


Questions? Email: amy@releveone.com to inquire!

Wish ya’ll love, joy, peace, and pow{h}er in 2015!


30 minute tap n’ pow{h}er online class

Get ready to sweat with our 30-minute sample tap n’ pow{h}er® class! We are SO excited to finally share the love and light of this method beyond our 14 participating studios!

Though we couldn’t fit in all of the exercises would we typically do in a full 60 minute class, we hope you enjoy this 30-minute sampling from our exciting new method. Try it at home- then come take a live class! Want to teach tap n’ pow{h}er in your studio?

Click here to find out how you can become certified and join our glowing goddess community!

tap n’ pow{h}er®, a balance fusion class, is designed to shape, tone and elongate while delivered with messages of empowerment. tap n’ pow{h}er is an extremely form focused method based on 25 years of dance research and experience, and over a decade of mind body fitness study, training, and master instruction. Combining rotational, linear, isometric, range of motion and compound movement, tap n’ pow{h}er takes you on a challenging and empowering journey unlike any other.

The structure of tap n’ pow{h}er takes a thoughtful approach at building deep muscle strength, tone, flexibility, balance, and alignment to women’s bodies. tap n’ pow{h}er is not for the quitter. It’s for the woman who finds strength in the struggle and empowerment in her accomplishments. Improving balance has vast benefits and aids in the body’s: neuromuscular strength, proprioception, and muscle isolation, hip and core stabilization, rehabilitation of muscles and joints, and enhanced caloric burning.

tap n’ pow{h}er is designed to test clients will and focus. Much like life, when clients stumble in this class, they are encouraged to get back up, reposition, refocus, and persevere. Inspired by the art of tap dancing, tap n’ pow{h}er, incorporates controlled strength training exercises interspersed with cardio intervals and yogic posturing. NOTE: No dance experience is necessary to have a successful experience! This class uses an interval-based safe yet challenging format to aid and promote muscle confusion to deliver fast and lasting results. tap n’ pow{h}er is a challenging hour of balance and strength inspired by the journey of Life!

tap n’ pow{h}er level one teacher training- february 6-8th in franklin!


We are super jazzed to announce our first tap n’ pow{h}er teacher training for 2015!! Spaces are limited to 15 attendees so book soon!! We also offer an Early Bird price break for a short time…

Click the link below to sign up!


Want a preview?? Click this link to see a little clip on what we are all about!!


A Glowing and Shining Sisterhood…


This October a few of my Glowing Goddesses and I got together with my amazingly talented sister, Ali Kletecka, of Grove Aesthetic Photography for a photo shoot in Leipers Fork, Tennessee. Since the beginning of my fitness journey, I’ve had the honor of working with several photographers, all uniquely gifted! I’m always honored to be a photographers subject and love shooting in unpredictable locations! My sister, Ali Kletecka, is a self-taught photographer that has an impeccable creative eye and passion for her craft. We have worked together several times over the years. Many of you may have seen my photo on the railroad tracks…that was Ali’s genius vision! Our latest adventure was by far my favorite…not only did I get to work with my sister Ali again…I got to pose with and cheer on my beautiful fitness friends/lifetime soul sisters: Jen Ashcraft, Danielle Whitener, and Tara Winterhalter as well!! Five strong women…all talented…No DRAMA!!! TONS of Love, Light, Positivity, Joy, and Badass-ness!

Ali lives with her partner, Kate, in picturesque Charleston, South Carolina where she continues to explore and capture inspiring images! Visit her website and book her for a session!! She loves to travel!




“What a magical afternoon! I’m grateful for these photos for so many reasons. Mostly, I’m thankful that my boys can see these and know that their momma is strong, capable, and living her passion…which is my ultimate wish for them. When life starts to get the best of me and I start to doubt myself, I can look at these photos and remember that I am a goddess. A warrior. An unstoppable force of beautiful energy. Thank you Ali, Amy, Danielle, and Tara for capturing the beauty, light, and strength within me.”



“This photo shoot filled with light and love was so exhilarating for me. There is nothing more empowering than being in the company of women that inspire and lift one another up! I felt so beautiful, strong and brave. I felt comfortable in my skin and embraced my “flaws” that society unfortunately creates in our minds. I hope I inspire many women to do the same! Ali Kletecka is a mastermind behind the camera and captures the soul of life and the life in nature through her photography. I will remember this day forever! “You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”

“The most inspiring day to date.  Watching each of these amazing ladies shine their soul to the camera ignites a fire of inspiration.  The energy of the scenery, the people and the day just really set the tone for all of us to feed off each other in such a positive light.  I think we all shine so bright.  It is amazing to have that love for one another.”



“I’m so in awe of these photos!! Beautiful women shining from the inside out!! Thank you to Ali for taking the time to capture us in a powerful and special way! Thank you to my lifetime friends: Jen, Danielle, and Tara for BRINGING IT…ya’ll are stunning! I will treasure this inspiring day as it signifies: hard work, dedication, empowerment, support, strength, fearlessness, and SISTERHOOD!”


Welcoming Miss Mary!!!!

We are SO excited to welcome a new shining star to our growing family of teachers at {r}elevé one fitness and dance studios!! Miss Mary Bond recently joined Miss Tara as a leaders in our new dance program! Mary has such a beautiful heart and we love the joy and light that she brings to our studio each time she chooses to practice for herself or to lead our littles with love!!

Please join us in welcoming our Mary to our staff when you see her at the studio!! We are so honored to have her expertise and talent touching the lives of our dancers!!




A Note From Mary!!!! 

I started dancing at the age of 6 at Lisa Hull’s School of Dance in Columbia, TN. I studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and Pointe. After several years of training under Miss Lisa, I had the privilege of joining the competition team. I competed regionally and nationally for 5 years. I have won top scores and awards for my performances in both tap and jazz. Eventually I became a student assistant where I helped teach classes. It was then that I fell in love with teaching and helping children discover their ability, confidence and love for the beautiful art of dance. I left dance after high school to attend college. I graduated from MTSU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Textiles, Merchandising and Design. After graduation I attended Paul Mitchell the School and got my cosmetology license. I am a hair stylist in Franklin, where I live with my hubby and our precious son.

I have been taking classes at {r}eleve one for about a year now. I started soon after the birth of my son. Wanting to get back to the pre baby me, physically and emotionally, I was in search of something different. Something that would not only get me in shape but something that would help me feel good about myself again. Well that is exactly what I found. I will never forget my first class at {r}eleve. I walked in feeling scared and nervous; I left feeling like a rock star!! Everyone from the instructors to the clients were so sweet to me. The instructor took time to explain everything to me and was genuinely excited for me to be there. I knew right alway that it felt like home.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to join this amazing team/family. I am looking forward in helping others find the light within them that sometimes gets lost. That is exactly what {r}eleve has done for me.

“shake it off” video and contest!

Recently we had the privilege of spending a day filming some new and exciting tap n’ pow{h}er® promotional videos. Before we began, we asked all of our participants to write down and reveal a personal “I Am” statement that was followed by an impromptu dance party to Taylor Swift’s song “Shake It Off.” While this was something we did just for fun and not something we planned to release, after seeing the footage we just couldn’t help but to share it.

I Am collageThe song’s powerful message of overcoming life’s struggles is the foundation of the tap n’ pow{h}er method and the joy and beauty of seeing our clients share their personal declarations is beyond inspirational!

We’ve included a few sneak peek shots of what’s to come from tap n’ pow{h}er and invite you all to join in our movement to help others discover their pow{h}er by sharing your own “I Am” statement.

POST AND WIN $100!!!
Email your pictures (you holding a sign that says “I Am” followed by your personal declaration) to us at info@releveone.com and we will post them on our {r}elevé one Facebook page during the month of October. At the end of the month we will draw one name from the submissions and the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate from the store of their choice! New workout clothes? A little black dress? Fancy dinner? You pick!!

Keep checking our page for your photos and be sure to LIKE us while you are there!

Thank you to all of our amazing clients, instructors, staff and production crew who participated in our promo shoot!  We can’t wait to share the new videos with you soon!

Much Love, Much Light,

Amy & Jeremy


Meet The Newest Member of Our Family!



We are so excited to introduce the newest member of our {r}elevé one fitness and dance studios family…the beautiful and shining Ellen Carrillo!

Some of you may have already had the joy of meeting sweet Ellen and for those that haven’t you are in for a treat!

Ellen, a lifelong fitness fanatic, is our customer service specialist and will be the first smile you see when entering the studio Monday-Friday  during our morning/afternoon hours.

Ellen is committed to excellence while assisting every member of our community and we are already so grateful for her enthusiastic energy.

Not only is she passionate about health and wellness, she is also VERY knowledgable! Ellen obtained her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science at MTSU and is also an ACSM Certified Health and Fitness Specialist.

Ellen describes herself as an ” innovative and energetic health fitness professional with passion for motivating others to commit to developing healthy lifestyles and improved sense of well-being”.

Please join us in welcoming Ellen with grace, love, and smiles!!

Originally from California, Ellen has 4 children, loves to hike, play tennis and badminton, and also enjoys reading and relaxing with friends!

Ellen is excited to be rejoining the work force in such a positive “happy place” and we are thrilled to share her with our beautiful and inspiring community!!



A Fearless Journey…

I’d like for you to meet our beautiful Fearless Warrior: Val!

This gal stole my heart day one!! She has had an amazing, inspiring, and empowering health and fitness journey!

So inspiring, in fact, that I feel compelled to share her story!

Val exemplifies what it means to embrace a lifestyle of health and wellness!

Did she make drastic and unrealistic lifestyle changes right off the bat?


She did it little by little and allowed the changes to become part of her daily routine and has gone on to not only become Reiki certified, but she is also attending school to become a licensed massage therapist! We are SO PROUD and EXCITED!

The staff at {r}elevé one loves watching our clients reach out and grab their dreams!

We truly believe that everyone is on their own unique and personal journey. There are no expectations yet there are no limits!

We strive to lead with a positive, upbeat, ‘yes you can’ encouraging approach! We LOVE celebrating the achievements within our community!

So please…if you will….celebrate Val with us!!!

Much love, Much light,



photo (2)

I discovered {r}elevé one in the Spring of 2013. I was looking for a fitness routine that I could stick with because I had tried several other things and I didn’t really enjoy any of them, so I would get bored and quit. I was significantly overweight and tired all the time, and I knew I needed to do something about my health. I wanted to be healthy and fit so I could keep up with my son and be comfortable in my own skin. I have struggled with my weight most of my life and I was so tired of failing at reaching my fitness goals. I am here to tell you that I found so much more than a fitness routine at {r}elevé one! I have discovered a beautiful community of amazing women who bring light, acceptance, and inspiration to every class. Just being at the studio makes me happy!

I remember my first barre class like it was yesterday! I was nervous because I was very out of shape, however, nobody gave me strange looks or made me feel out-of-place. The woman on the mat next to me even offered a few tips to help me during class. It was the most challenging and satisfying workout I had ever tried! I was so sore the first few weeks of taking classes, some days it was hard to walk up the steps in my house, but I was so addicted! I loved how strong my body was feeling and I was seeing changes when I looked in the mirror within the first month.

I signed up for a monthly membership when my trial month ended. I had found the perfect workout and I loved the positive vibes and messages that I would get from all the instructors during classes. I was encouraged to push myself, but not to the point of being in pain, and to listen to my body, take a reset, and to practice good form over anything else. If taking a more advanced option takes me out of form, I am encouraged to practice at my level for that day, that it’s ok if I can’t do what everybody else in the room is doing, and that I will get there! It’s not a competition, it’s my fitness journey and a chance to connect with my body and mind.

After several months of classes and making that mind-body connection I was finally getting the results I wanted. I was losing inches all over my body and the energy that I so desperately needed to get through my days with my very active 5 year old son was coming back! Not only that, but I have grown as an individual as a result of taking both the barre classes and the tap ‘n’ pow{h}er classes. I have rediscovered parts of myself that I didn’t realize I had lost during the years of being a stay at home Mom. I feel more feminine, I have gained self-confidence, have gotten a lot of flexibility back, made some great new friends, and I have lost nearly 40 pounds! I am so very grateful to have found such a wonderful place to sweat, grow, and release the stress that we all encounter in our daily lives.

My favorite class at{r}elevé one tap ‘n’ pow{h}er. This class is so much more than a workout! It is a mind-body method like no other, mixing yoga with dance, balance, and strength! I still get sore after every class because I push myself to new heights every time I take it. After class I feel like I can go out into the world and do ANYTHING! I love this meaningful movement so much that I have decided to get certified so that I can learn everything about it. I am so excited to share this method with others! It is truly life changing! If you are looking for a place to grow, connect with your body, and reach your fitness and even your life goals, you need to come to {r}elevé one! It’s my happy place!

Introducing…tap n’ pow{h}er’s team of Glowing Goddesses

I am proud to introduce a beautiful, soulful, and talented group of women…Our current active team of Glowing Goddess!

These gals have been part of tap n’ pow{h}er since early on and their love and support is very much represented in the heartbeat of this method!

Now to witness these wonderful women leading with such light, brilliance, joy, and authenticity is beyond my wildest dreams!

It’s so important to celebrate the individuality and style of each instructor as it only enriches the culture of a team! I love that all of our Glowing Goddesses lead with their own unique voice and purpose; yet that we all share a common thread of love, challenge, and empowerment!

This journey started one year ago and I’m ecstatic to see how beautifully it’s evolved in such a short amount of time. What began as an attempt to share my heart and soul with our {r}elevé one family while leading a challenging class of meaningful movement, evolved into witnessing these ladies do the same.

The purpose of tap n’ pow{h}er is to encourage, celebrate, and empower!

While our team of Glowing Goddess will triple in size by November of this year…and we can’t wait to welcome more like minded women into our team, these ladies gifted the initial deep breaths of joy into tap n’ pow{h}er and I’m forever humbled and grateful!

 “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you…a joy”



Jen Camel Pose

Jen Ashcraft- Glowing Goddess of Truth/Teacher Trainer

Studio Owner of barre 11 fitness in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“I am the owner of Barre 11 Fitness in Murfreesboro, TN and have been a part of the evolution of tap n’ pow[h}er since day ONE! Leading this class is by the far the most rewarding and life changing season in my fitness career. I am so excited to meet and train future Glowing Goddesses who will breathe life and love into this beautiful method. My favorite part about teaching tap n’ pow{h}er is seeing the method working in women’s hearts and souls and manifesting into beautiful, purposeful movement.”

curtsy lunge

Ellen Cobb-Glowing Goddess of Light /Teacher Trainer

Studio Co-Owner of Novo Fitness Studio in Columbus, Georgia

“tap n pow{h}er provides a unique experience for clients as it takes mindbody to a new level. Each class begins with clients being still, focused, providing them with the opportunity to be present, alive, and fully aware right where they are. While inhaling strength and exhaling stress, one has no choice but to focus on her body, which works with and for her, regardless of the client’s journey up to this point. The structure of the class resonates with a variety of clients as it incorporates cardio, strength training, yoga, and several exercises that help with balance. Being a teacher of the method and a future teacher trainer, I can truly attest to how incredibly rewarding it is to take clients on this journey of inspiration, empowerment, and meaningful movement each class. Is it equally as powerful to see clients’ transformations as they continue to grow in strength, confidence, and determination. Novo Fitness couldn’t be more excited and humbled to bring this incredible method to our community and continue challenging our clients to reach new levels in their fitness journey.”

photo 1

Danielle Whitener- Glowing Goddess of Love/Teacher Trainer

Senior Instructor at {r}elevé one fitness and dance studios

“I have been teaching many formats of fitness over the years and tap n’ pow{h}er is my favorite! Each class is designed to take our clients through an emotional journey of practice through balance & strength training, dance, yoga & cardiovascular elements of movement. It’s movement with meaning that has the entire class feeling invigorated, empowered, strong, beautiful, elegant, challenged & focused, including the instructor. My mission as a fitness instructor is to inspire & empower women. tap n’ pow{h}er gives me that ability by sharing positive affirmations through movement & voice throughout the entire journey of class. As a professional when you lead a class, the class is no longer about your workout, but rather your clients! The beauty of tap n’ pow{h}er is the emotional tie that you have with each participant. You give energy and positive reinforcement, and through the clients energy, it is given right back to you creating an emotional release from ALL that are in the room! Some are even moved to tears. It is such an amazing feeling to see clients release life’s stresses & joy’s through this hour & build self esteem & confidence! When The journey of practice comes to an end and we release to internal peace and rise up, I as the instructor feel in every inch of my mind, body, heart & soul that I have indeed made a difference in these women’s lives. I have inspired them, challenged them and made them feel beautiful & empowered; like they can truly take on the world! Even I myself feel that way!!! There is no amount of money that can compare to that feeling, and that is why I do what I do. tap n’ pow{h}er has molded me into a better instructor in all methods that I teach. I will continue to learn and grow as a fitness professional through this method! I am so happy and honored to be a Glowing Goddess and lead my Fearless Warriors with heart and soul.”

TnP Pic

Jess Speers- Glowing Goddess

Senior Instructor at {r}elevé one fitness and dance studios

“The journey to becoming stronger, more self-confident and empowered in your body is a pretty special thing to share with someone.  I believe teaching tap n’pow{h}er has given me (and all of our teachers) a unique platform to influence clients in a positive way.  I love how the room feels like one united community – it’s really gratifying to witness.  You can really feel everyone’s spirit fill the room! Having a client come up to you after class saying they feel better about themselves and will carry those uplifting words with them all week is the BEST thing you can receive as a teacher – after all, that is what it’s all about! You really have to experience tap n’ pow{h}er to understand its full impact– it is a powerful hour of meaningful movement that will leave you re-charged and fulfilled in both mind and body.”


Kara Glover- Glowing Goddess

Cherished Instructor at {r}elevé one fitness and dance studios

“The tap n’ pow{h}er method has fulfilled my innermost desire to teach not just with the body but with the heart as well. Often times other methods only engage the physical, whereas tap n’ pow{h}er incorporates the whole person, so it’s not just movement, it’s meaning too. I think that synergy allows me to teach from my heart and gives me the freedom to be my total self, which as an instructor, is priceless.”