Shine and Unwind with Our Beautiful Yogi- Rebecca!!!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be featuring members of our {r}elevé one family in my journal over the next few months!

Each member of our team offers something special, beautiful and completely unique! What better way to celebrate our girls than featuring their talents!

I’m honored to present to you….Rebecca White!!

Rebecca is an accomplished yogi with a heart of gold! Clients that practice yoga with Rebecca are loyal and return often because of her selfless nature and truth in her teachings!

Beyond my words, you will find Rebecca’s below.

Even better-she has customized two short Sun Salutations for you to do in the comfort of your home, hotel room…or anywhere!

Take it away Rebecca…


Many people ask how to incorporate yoga as part of their everyday life.  It can be intimidating, as there can be preconceived notions that to get a “real” practice in you have to do so many certain poses or practice for 90 minutes…the list goes on.

The truth is, yes, 60 and 90-minute classes are amazing; however, life happens.   And that two-hour block we had set aside to go to the studio? It is whittled away with unexpected curve balls thrown into your day.   Daily yoga needs to be something you can fit in with as little as 10 or 15 minutes.  It needs to be accessible, satisfying, and well rounded.

What fits the bill for these traits?  Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar).   Sun Salutations are a mini practice within themselves.   You have forward folds, backbends (Bhujangasana/Urdhva Mukha Svanasana), strength elements (Chatarunga Dandasana), and a mild inversion (Adho Mukha Svanasana).   This makes Sun Salutations an excellent investment of your time.

Surya Namaskar A, B, and C can be tailored to the time of day you practice.  Mornings and evenings are common times people are able to work yoga in at home – but let me be clear – ANY time of day is a great for yoga!

What is special about first thing in the morning and at night is they are times of transition.  Yoga is a terrific way to ease the transition for the body and mind.

In the morning, your body is creaky and stiff; your mind is clear and focused.  This is the perfect recipe to set a beautiful tone for the day with a gentle yet energizing practice.   Start slower and build heat and energy as you progress in your practice.  Once you end your practice, you can face your day centered, balanced and clear.

At night, our body is usually more flexible and warm, but our mind and energy is scattered.   Your practice may start more energized, but focus on containing your energy and calming your mind.  At the end of your practice at night, you should feel relaxed, peaceful, and ready for sleep.

I have customized Sun Salutations according to these demands.  Regardless of the time of day, always move in a way that honors the body – never forcing anything, and keeping your breath paramount in your practice.

Pick what time of day works for you – or pick both – and join me on your mat!  Don’t have a mat at home?  No problem.  Stick a hand towel beneath your hands and take your socks off (unless they are toe sox) – voila!  Enjoy your practice, and Namaste!

An Unexpected Gift From the Heart!

Tonight’s tap n’ pow{h}er class was jam packed with fearless warriors!! I had the best time watching our newest apprentice, Kara lead a spot on Opening to Abundance series! I am so proud of all of our teachers; and especially love when I get to witness their growth and get to see them soaring to new heights! Kara did exactly that with tonight’s class! I’m so excited for our clients to experience her love, light, energy and passion!

As if that wasn’t enough amazingness for one night- one of our very special and loved clients, Pam Hawkins approached me after class with a beautiful package. I asked her what it was for and she said “It’s for you”…

Before I opened the gift, Pam explained to me that she had been working on something this weekend that she felt truly captured the essence of our studio, {r}elevé one.

What you see below is what I had the privilege of receiving from Pam!

Saying that I’m touched just doesn’t seem to do this beautiful gift justice.

WOW! Not only is the piece a gorgeous work of art;  it does, in fact, capture everything that I want others to feel about our studio.  Such affirmation that our community is something so so special! So unique! So loving and full of LIFE!!

Prior to writing this entry, I sent Pam a text that simply stated:

“There are no words I can say to properly thank you…but (my gratitude) comes from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul”.

Thank you again, Pam for one of the most heartfelt and beautiful gifts I have ever received. photo[1] photo 1


You Make Me Feel…

Let me preface by saying…while I am good at a lot of things- A cinematographer I am NOT! 😉

Nevertheless, I wanted to share this little organic promotional clip for tap n’pow{h}er that I filmed on my cell phone in February when editing photos for our teacher training workbook.

It was late one evening- as it always is when I’m in “creative mode”- and Bastille’s song “You Make Me Feel” was playing in the background while I was clicking through photos trying to select the best ones for our workbook.

I noticed that the feel and lyrics of this song fit our method perfectly and then just starting scrolling through the photos in time with the music. The result is what you see here and although not professional, it still makes me proud of our method and gets me so excited to share it with others!

Sometimes the best things come as a surprise- they catch us off guard and when we least expect it!

Creating and teaching tap n’ pow{h}er has been exactly that for me and I’m so grateful for the element of surprise.

The story of tap n’ pow{h}er



I often get asked about how tap n’ pow{h}er came to be…

What caused me to create this mind body fitness method and why?

I have been a dancer since the age of 3 and around the age of 12 became focused primarily as a solo tapper. Musicality, rhythm, and being a ham came naturally to me.  Always a performer, I had no problem getting on stage; however, it was my mentor, Joann Mauer, who taught me how to become a technician. Joann was the best teacher for me as she saw my true abilities through my previous training where I was allowed to fake my steps and use my stage presence to compensate. Joann gave me the gift of tap!

Sooooo… while I have tapped since the age of 4, I don’t believe I truly became a tap dancer until the age of 12.

Fast forward to 20 plus years later, a foot injury caused me to hang up my tap shoes. I chalked it up to age and decided my dancing days were behind me.

What I have since realized:

Once a dancer…FOREVER a dancer!

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re “retired” because the dancer lives within us all!

I didn’t rediscover my inner dancer until last August when I was faced with a trying situation that caused me great heartache. Something that I’d loved, enjoyed, poured all of my heart, soul, and passion into for years was taken from me without warning or reason. In a nutshell, I was heartbroken.

My best friend, Jen Ashcraft, who also happens to be the owner of barre 11 fitness in Murfreesboro, TN encouraged me to get back up and change the sadness into something beautiful!

She was right…of course she was…she’s my Bestie!

Why, when I tell our community each and every day not to accept defeat and to rise up in the face of struggle, wouldn’t I persevere?

My heart needed to be heard…but in positive way!

After many days, late late nights, weeks, and months of workshopping alone and with Jen…tap n’ pow{h}er was born.

While not a “dance class” in the literal sense, it is a fitness fusion class for all levels, ages, and shapes.

tap n’ pow{h}er  allows us to go beyond the hustle and bustle of the day, the doom and gloom that can nip at our heels, taking the notions of “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I’m not” and replacing these thoughts and emotions with “I ams”, positivity, and expression through movement.

This to me IS dancing! Everyone has an inner dancer!

I am grateful for everything that has lead to this point…all of it!

To be able to present my heart expressed through movement is the biggest gift! One that I never saw coming!

And now…to have the opportunity to share this method so full of challenge, strength, empowerment, love, light, and joy with others brings me full circle.

To those who are in the midst of a struggle- rise up!! Dream big because you never know what beauty is just around the corner.

We create our destiny through our thoughts and actions!

Shine light with your words, lend your heart freely, treat and love others well… and the world of abundance will be yours!

Much Love, Much Light,









Welcome to Amy’s Journal and our new and improved website! We are so thrilled about this relaunch and feel we have a site that truly represents our brand and our community!
I’m so excited to finally have my journal up and running…a place to share with all of you!
In this venue, I plan to inspire, challenge, educate, inform, goal, and share, so stop by often.
Hope you all enjoy!
Much Love, Much Light,

Journey From A Mountaintop

Below is a journal entry written on my airplane trip back to the United States following my amazing experience in Whistler with 130 worldwide lululemon ambassadors. This honor and many new friendships are what I get to carry in my heart daily and for that I express boundless gratitude…
I’m too energized to allow sleep to nourish my body in a way it so desperately needs. I keep trying to allow the beautiful darkness to fill my being…and yet…it’s as though  light inside me is so vibrant it just has to keep glowing. Reflection is the land for which I am placed and I’m sitting on gratitude as my rock.  I am holding all of the moments from these days past so close to to my heart. Maybe I am in fear that if I sleep…I will forget. I don’t want to loose a single moment. I want to continue to breathe in each struggle, each triumph. Each and every intricate being that I journeyed with. Every conversation. Every honest tear. Every laugh. Every dance!
And oh how I danced. A freedom that my body and soul have never felt. Moments of utter perfection. The vibration of the music a gift that lead to movement I’d only dreamed I’d allow! I was beautiful. I was present. I was truly in every sense of the word alive! Despite all the heavy. Despite all of the worry! Those daily factors did not  exist in my dance. I allowed the movement and auras of others to inspire me to dig deep. To let go. To dance with my honest and vulnerable heart. I will dance more often and it will be as though no one is watching.
And when the music came to an end and the room was a quiet calm…so was my heart. Hundreds of Outstretched and entangled limbs creating support and the purest of loves. Tears staining my cheeks a smile on my lips. Touched and elevated by these precious gifts that will be fiercely cherished beyond my physical existence. Shining a brighter light than ever before…
I am a fearless driving force of truth. I am dancing.