Coryn’s Summertime Sizzle Workout…And Reward!

I’m so excited to introduce another one of our star instructors…the fiercely strong and stunning, Coryn Currie!

Coryn’s  journey began as a client several years ago. Over this past year I’ve had the pleasure of watching her soar as a barre, extreme cardio, and tap n’ pow{h}er instructor at {r}elevé one fitness and dance studios!

Entertaining, cooking, and teaching a killer class are just a few of Coryn’s many talents. She is also a mommy of two beautiful kiddos and an amazing artist!

I know you’ll be as inspired as I am by this superstar’s journal post below.

Remember to deeply HOLD each position in good form and for as long as possible for best results!

Happy Shaking,



Summer is here and like so many of us my schedule is full! When I am travelling or too busy to make it to the studio or gym I get creative. Below are some of my favorite barre exercises that can be done anywhere. All you need is a mat or a towel and something for balance like a chair, dresser, railing, or counter top.

I like to start with plank then alternate each exercise with a set of planks in between. End with one final plank and some light stretching.

Forearm Plank


Parallel (Feet Together)




Modified Fold Over


Afterwards I like to reward myself with a healthy treat! In the spirit of summer I am sharing my recipes for guacamole and a skinny margarita. Cheers!


Healthy Guacamole

2 ripe avocados, halved and pitted and diced

1 roma tomato, seeds removed and diced

½ small yellow onion, diced

1 clove of garlic, minced

Juice of one lime

Kosher salt and pepper to taste

Place all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir with a fork. Lightly mash the avocado until you reach your desired consistency; I like mine chunky!

Skinny Margarita

1 ounce tequila

2 limes, juiced

2 packets of Stevia in the Raw

Splash of triple sec

Splash of filtered water

Handful of kosher salt, poured onto a plate

Rub a lime wedge around the rim of a rocks glass then dip it into the kosher salt. Fill a separate glass to the brim with ice, pour in the remaining ingredients and mix well. Pour the entire contents into the salt rimmed glass.



Last Call! Dance Pre-Registration Forms


Great news- Miss Tara is HERE and ready to start DANCING!  We’ll be compiling all of the pre-registrations forms and building our dance schedule over the next week or two so please submit your pre-registrations forms NOW!  Remember- we are putting together the schedule based on your requests- so tell us what style you want to take and what days and times work best for you so we can do our best to accommodate everyone.

Get all of the details HERE!!



energy n’ pow{h}er joins {r}elevé one’s schedule

Hey Ya’ll!

After many months of visualizing, creating, and workshopping, I’m proud to officially introduce our newest class within the tap n’ pow{h}er method…

energy n’ pow{h}er is all fitness level experience CARDIO SWEAT-FEST that combines upbeat music, beautiful movement, high intensity interval training, and messages of empowerment.

Designed to compliment tap n’ pow{h}er, this class speaks directly to the mind, body, and spirit both in verbal cues as well as within the techniques of movement offered throughout the hour…all while ramping up the cardio!

Participants will be challenged through balance, range of motion, isometric holds, linear rotation, and both sustained and Tabata cardio intervals to confuse muscle groups while positively enticing the mind and spirit.

You can check this fun, energizing, and pow{h}erful class out on Tuesdays at 10:40A at {r}elevé one fitness and dance studios! I can promise you’ll be sore for days and stronger in mind, body and soul!

Click here to schedule:


Quick Easy Heathy Ways to Refuel

I’m often asked what type of products I use to stay healthy.

• “Where do you find all of your energy?”

• “How do you stay so fit and still be able to eat the things you love?”

• “How do you find time to eat healthy when you’re life is so full?”

Good news! It’s actually easy than you think…

In the past, there were many days that I left the studio feeling so hungry!  I would stop and grab something quick even though I knew it was less than healthy for my body.

Fortunately, for the last 2 years, I’ve been blessed with products that have helped me and my family not only refuel with nutritious yumminess; but also aid in the convenience factor that supports our full lifestyle.

While I am in the business of motivating and helping others feel strong in mind and body, I have often struggled with the notion of sharing my nutrition plan to our community as a whole as I don’t want to send mixed messages.

Am I a nutritionist… No!

Do I believe in fad diets or being consumed by the number on the scale…No!

Do I believe that we shouldn’t enjoy delicious food…Goodness No!!

Anyone who has eaten dinner out on the town with me would agree! 😉

I love love love food! I love a great wine or a margarita…

It’s all about finding Life’s Balance.

Living in balance has been my mantra since I had my firstborn, Camden… I strive to achieve this daily!

I believe that health IS wealth!

For me, health IS happiness and because of these notions, I feel honored to share my tips that have helped me stay healthy and energized despite being on the go…

shophome-weight shophome-nutrition  shophome-beauty

Shaklee has been a leader in the whole foods health industry for over 57 years!

They have everything from whole foods natural supplements, beauty and skincare, and amazing non-toxic cleaning products!

My family is a Shaklee family and so are many of our clients.

I trust the brand and would never ever put my name on something that could let our {r}elevé community or my family down! I have been approached by many companies that don’t even hold a candle to Shaklee.

I use the cleaning products for our studio/home, their laundry detergent/dryer sheets, their sports drink: Performance, 180 Energizing Smoothees for Jeremy and I, and vitamins for kiddos.

One of my favorite products is Shaklee’s Energizing Green Tea, which is a great add into a bottle of water for a quick energy boost. I also love to drink it hot!

I crave it in the mornings and mid afternoon. It’s made with all natural green tea and sometimes I sweeten it up with some Stevia and a drop of my doTERRA lemon oil! YUM!

This product alone has helped me save a ton of money on Starbucks as I rarely drink coffee anymore and the best part is that it’s fueling my body with energy and health.

The 180 Smoothees are beyond delicious and contain Leucine- a natural amino acid which is geared toward building lean muscle while adding in the benefits of whole food nutrients!

Vitalizer daily vitamins are also supplements I trust enthusiastically and best of all… without concern for the ingredients.

My body notices a change when I fall off my Shaklee routine as I begin to feel a lack of energy mid-day and my sleep routine suffers. I also suffer from mild psorasis and Shaklee products have helped reduce my symptoms drastically.

Convenience and true health/wellness going hand in hand is a rare find but Shaklee provides exactly that!

I truly believe that this company is hands-down the best with the most backed research in natural health. Nothing artificial and all from whole foods!

Begin looking for easy ways to refuel your day on our shelves at the studio. We will be offering some quick grab and go treats for you all to enjoy in the coming weeks!

Visit to read more about this amazing company and place an order should you choose!

Here’s to Your Health!! Here’s To Your Happiness!!

Love ya’ll,


An Unexpected Gift From the Heart!

Tonight’s tap n’ pow{h}er class was jam packed with fearless warriors!! I had the best time watching our newest apprentice, Kara lead a spot on Opening to Abundance series! I am so proud of all of our teachers; and especially love when I get to witness their growth and get to see them soaring to new heights! Kara did exactly that with tonight’s class! I’m so excited for our clients to experience her love, light, energy and passion!

As if that wasn’t enough amazingness for one night- one of our very special and loved clients, Pam Hawkins approached me after class with a beautiful package. I asked her what it was for and she said “It’s for you”…

Before I opened the gift, Pam explained to me that she had been working on something this weekend that she felt truly captured the essence of our studio, {r}elevé one.

What you see below is what I had the privilege of receiving from Pam!

Saying that I’m touched just doesn’t seem to do this beautiful gift justice.

WOW! Not only is the piece a gorgeous work of art;  it does, in fact, capture everything that I want others to feel about our studio.  Such affirmation that our community is something so so special! So unique! So loving and full of LIFE!!

Prior to writing this entry, I sent Pam a text that simply stated:

“There are no words I can say to properly thank you…but (my gratitude) comes from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul”.

Thank you again, Pam for one of the most heartfelt and beautiful gifts I have ever received. photo[1] photo 1



Welcome to Amy’s Journal and our new and improved website! We are so thrilled about this relaunch and feel we have a site that truly represents our brand and our community!
I’m so excited to finally have my journal up and running…a place to share with all of you!
In this venue, I plan to inspire, challenge, educate, inform, goal, and share, so stop by often.
Hope you all enjoy!
Much Love, Much Light,

Journey From A Mountaintop

Below is a journal entry written on my airplane trip back to the United States following my amazing experience in Whistler with 130 worldwide lululemon ambassadors. This honor and many new friendships are what I get to carry in my heart daily and for that I express boundless gratitude…
I’m too energized to allow sleep to nourish my body in a way it so desperately needs. I keep trying to allow the beautiful darkness to fill my being…and yet…it’s as though  light inside me is so vibrant it just has to keep glowing. Reflection is the land for which I am placed and I’m sitting on gratitude as my rock.  I am holding all of the moments from these days past so close to to my heart. Maybe I am in fear that if I sleep…I will forget. I don’t want to loose a single moment. I want to continue to breathe in each struggle, each triumph. Each and every intricate being that I journeyed with. Every conversation. Every honest tear. Every laugh. Every dance!
And oh how I danced. A freedom that my body and soul have never felt. Moments of utter perfection. The vibration of the music a gift that lead to movement I’d only dreamed I’d allow! I was beautiful. I was present. I was truly in every sense of the word alive! Despite all the heavy. Despite all of the worry! Those daily factors did not  exist in my dance. I allowed the movement and auras of others to inspire me to dig deep. To let go. To dance with my honest and vulnerable heart. I will dance more often and it will be as though no one is watching.
And when the music came to an end and the room was a quiet calm…so was my heart. Hundreds of Outstretched and entangled limbs creating support and the purest of loves. Tears staining my cheeks a smile on my lips. Touched and elevated by these precious gifts that will be fiercely cherished beyond my physical existence. Shining a brighter light than ever before…
I am a fearless driving force of truth. I am dancing.