How Do I Login To Manage My Account?

You can login to manage your account by CLICKING HERE!

If you are scheduling a class or making a purchase you can do that directly from this website by clicking on the class you want to take under the schedule page or the package you would like to purchase. Once you make a selection you will be prompted to sign in.

For more scheduling tips and instructions see our SCHEDULING TIPS page.

I have an injury or physical limitation, should I be concerned?

Injuries and limitations are always a concern whether they are old or more recent. Be sure to fill that information out on your profile when you arrive so we can update your records. Please let your teacher know prior to class. If your injury required surgery, or if we deem necessary, we may require a release from your doctor.

I am overweight and feel intimidated.

You aren’t alone! Our studio celebrates all body types and commends everyone for their own personal fitness journey. No matter your shape or size, our teachers are committed to helping elevate you to a new level of health and wellness.

I haven’t exercised in years, what classes should I take?

THE pow{h}er METHOD is a mind body fitness method designed for everyone: Men, Women, and Young Adults.

There are a variety of classes designed to challenge the body in different ways each and every time.

As a beginner:  barre n’ pow{h}er, tap n’ pow{h}er, energy n’ pow{h}er and, and yoga are the most appropriate classes.

As you progress in form and strength, barre n’ pow{h}er advanced and barre n’ pow{h}er cardio will help take your workouts to the next level.

Our Mixed Level tap n’ pow{h}er, Contemporary Mat Pilates, Vinyasa Flow Classes are designed for all levels.

Can I attend classes if I’m pregnant?

Please click here to see our rules for our pregnant clients.

I’m not flexible, can I participate?

Absolutely! Most of our clients come to us with this concern. This is one of the reasons you DO participate! Muscle and joint flexibility is so important to our health, and is a crucial part of your physical and mental well being. Our classes are designed to build both strength and flexibility.

What do I wear?

Come to class in whatever makes you comfortable, but try not to wear anything too loose or baggy. We pride ourselves on the use of tactile corrections, so the better we can see your body; the more we can assist you on your journey toward strong form.

All of our classes are practiced in barefoot or in yoga sox (which are available for purchase at the studio.)

Prepare to SWEAT! Bring water and a towel, or you may purchase one of our amazing Manduka hand towels.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

While we provide both long and short mats for support at no charge, we suggest that you bring your own for additional support should you need it.

Do I need to reserve a spot for every class?

Yes, we ask that you reserve your spot online. Our teachers customize their classes based on who will be attending. We also cap out our classes so they don’t get over-crowded. If the class should be full, you will be put on the waiting list. Should you decide to add yourself to the wait list, please plan to attend. You will be notified up to four hours in advance. Depending on what package you have, if you are a no-show you will be charged $10 or lose the class.

Do I need to come in early for my first class?

Yes, please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to fill out some paperwork, meet your instructor, and tour our studio.