Get more from your workouts with our 8 Week Summer Form Focus Workshop Series!

releve_2015-249Join us as Amy Weber guides each student through a 2-hour workshop designed to help strengthen your form, body and technique while tapping into your personal Spirit/Soul/Body connection.
Each week will be a new journey.  Sign up for 1 workshop or commit to them all.

Cost of each workshop is $30 per person.
SAVE by buying any 4 workshops for only $100.

Week 1: Introduction to the Spirit/Soul/Body Connection
Week 2: Upper Body: Shine Your Heart
Week 3: Upper Body: Lifting Beyond Boarders
Week 4: Lower Body: Limitless Legs
Week 5: Lower Body: Glorious Glutes
Week 6: Pow{h}erful Core
Week 7: Full Body Fire & Fun!
Week 8: Fearless Flow & Rise Higher Life Connect

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