tap n’ pow{h}er level one teacher training- february 6-8th in franklin!


We are super jazzed to announce our first tap n’ pow{h}er teacher training for 2015!! Spaces are limited to 15 attendees so book soon!! We also offer an Early Bird price break for a short time…

Click the link below to sign up!


Want a preview?? Click this link to see a little clip on what we are all about!!


An Unexpected Gift From the Heart!

Tonight’s tap n’ pow{h}er class was jam packed with fearless warriors!! I had the best time watching our newest apprentice, Kara lead a spot on Opening to Abundance series! I am so proud of all of our teachers; and especially love when I get to witness their growth and get to see them soaring to new heights! Kara did exactly that with tonight’s class! I’m so excited for our clients to experience her love, light, energy and passion!

As if that wasn’t enough amazingness for one night- one of our very special and loved clients, Pam Hawkins approached me after class with a beautiful package. I asked her what it was for and she said “It’s for you”…

Before I opened the gift, Pam explained to me that she had been working on something this weekend that she felt truly captured the essence of our studio, {r}elevé one.

What you see below is what I had the privilege of receiving from Pam!

Saying that I’m touched just doesn’t seem to do this beautiful gift justice.

WOW! Not only is the piece a gorgeous work of art;  it does, in fact, capture everything that I want others to feel about our studio.  Such affirmation that our community is something so so special! So unique! So loving and full of LIFE!!

Prior to writing this entry, I sent Pam a text that simply stated:

“There are no words I can say to properly thank you…but (my gratitude) comes from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul”.

Thank you again, Pam for one of the most heartfelt and beautiful gifts I have ever received. photo[1] photo 1