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Click below to read the compelling story of how our Glowing Goddess of Strength, Melanie, reclaimed her health and stepped into her destiny.

If you’re looking to be inspiring, uplifted, and maybe even cry a little…read on!!!

Facing Your Greatest Fears:

Mel- you are adored, appreciated, loved, and SO VERY STRONG!!! We are so proud of you and lucky to have your talent and spirit at {r}elevé one in leading tap n’ pow{h}er


An Inspiring Ride…

Greetings Fearless Warriors!!

I’ve always considered myself fortunate to work in a profession where inspiration walks through the doors of our community at {r}elevé one daily. Each day I learn at least one valuable lesson from someone, which in turn allows me to find a deeper connection to myself and to our community as a whole.

I have never or will I ever take this aspect of my job for granted!

I am so excited to share this uplifting story…

Please find below an email sent from our cherished client/friend: Pam Hawkins.

Pam’s story is uplifting, motivating, and a reminder to us all to keep going No Matter What!!

In addition to Pam’s Inspiring Ride, I would be doing the world a huge disservice if I didn’t share her unbelievable photography! Please enjoy both and feel free to share with others!

This is a true example of how to #livelifeinreleve and we couldn’t be more proud and honored to have Pam as part of our {r}elevé one fitness family!

We Love You, Pam!!


Here’s the basic story behind my ride. Years ago, my husband, Mark, my 1 year old son, Matt and I were camping in Cades Cove. I was almost 30. We had brought our bikes to possibly ride the Cades Cove Loop trail, which is an 11 mile one way loop road in the Smoky Mts. I wasn’t too keen on the idea but my husband convinced me that the ride would be easy, that I could do it. So we took off. They on one bike and me on mine. The road soon became a challenge with several steep, curvy hills. Unfit and terribly out of shape, I struggled on every hill, even the smaller ones. At some point, Mark and Matt were way ahead of me, out of sight. Of course, no cell phones back then to call and communicate. Less than half way, my body and mind gave up. I got off my bike, sat on the side of the road and cried. I was so upset and frustrated with myself. I wasn’t sure what to do to get back to the campground, even walking wasn’t an option. Finally a nice man in a pickup truck stopped and asked if I needed help. He took me back to the campground to meet up with my husband and son.
I do not like to fail and that failed ride bothered me terribly for all these years. So when it came time to celebrate my 60th birthday, I wanted to reattempt the ride that I failed so miserably years ago. I wanted to know if I could accomplish the task. So Mark, my other son Jeremy and I began our ride! Hills that seemed so huge before were easy to climb. I even remembered the spot where I gave up and cried years ago and I had a big grin on my face as I flew by. There were definitely some tough hills to climb, and some riders were walking their bikes up, but I was able to ascend all the hills without getting off my bike which was my goal. Mission accomplished!
After my children were born, I devoted all of my time and effort to my family. Most of my adult life, I was unfit, unhealthy, and very overweight. I did not devote anytime to getting myself strong, healthy and fit. I now realize that your health ALWAYS needs to be top priority. Four years ago, I joined the Y, started working out and lost 86 pounds. I started challenging myself every year to do something that I had never done before. Running 5Ks, half marathons, duathalon, biking century rides. Every new goal I set was so scary for me because of my fear of failing, however, the feeling of accomplishment was awesome when I completed each. I regret not doing any of this years sooner. You can probably understand why it was so important for me to lose the weight I gained after my ear surgery last year and why it was so crucial that I regain the balance that I lost. I could not head back to being overweight and unfit again.
Thank you so much for your barre, tap n pow{her}, and energy n pow{her} classes. I am so much stronger now and my balance has improved SO much! Thank you for all the support from you and your amazing staff!! There is such an incredible spirit of love, caring, and kindness. Your passion for {r}elevé one is limitless! I said before that your classes, especially tap n pow{her} is also a workout for the soul not just the body…