30 minute tap n’ pow{h}er online class

Get ready to sweat with our 30-minute sample tap n’ pow{h}er® class! We are SO excited to finally share the love and light of this method beyond our 14 participating studios!

Though we couldn’t fit in all of the exercises would we typically do in a full 60 minute class, we hope you enjoy this 30-minute sampling from our exciting new method. Try it at home- then come take a live class! Want to teach tap n’ pow{h}er in your studio?

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tap n’ pow{h}er®, a balance fusion class, is designed to shape, tone and elongate while delivered with messages of empowerment. tap n’ pow{h}er is an extremely form focused method based on 25 years of dance research and experience, and over a decade of mind body fitness study, training, and master instruction. Combining rotational, linear, isometric, range of motion and compound movement, tap n’ pow{h}er takes you on a challenging and empowering journey unlike any other.

The structure of tap n’ pow{h}er takes a thoughtful approach at building deep muscle strength, tone, flexibility, balance, and alignment to women’s bodies. tap n’ pow{h}er is not for the quitter. It’s for the woman who finds strength in the struggle and empowerment in her accomplishments. Improving balance has vast benefits and aids in the body’s: neuromuscular strength, proprioception, and muscle isolation, hip and core stabilization, rehabilitation of muscles and joints, and enhanced caloric burning.

tap n’ pow{h}er is designed to test clients will and focus. Much like life, when clients stumble in this class, they are encouraged to get back up, reposition, refocus, and persevere. Inspired by the art of tap dancing, tap n’ pow{h}er, incorporates controlled strength training exercises interspersed with cardio intervals and yogic posturing. NOTE: No dance experience is necessary to have a successful experience! This class uses an interval-based safe yet challenging format to aid and promote muscle confusion to deliver fast and lasting results. tap n’ pow{h}er is a challenging hour of balance and strength inspired by the journey of Life!


  1. Lisa Orrick says

    Thank you for this!! Helped me out tremendously when I haven’t been able to get out due to snow, ice and school closings!!!

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