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Want to teach tap n’ pow{h}er® at your studio?
Amy K. Weber, creator of the tap n’ pow{h}er® fitness method chats with other tap n’ pow{h}er instructors, teacher trainers and studio owners about their experiences teaching the method, what they love most about it, feedback they have received from their students, why they want to teach this empowering mind body class in their studios and what it was like to complete the 3 day training and certification program.

We are thrilled to share tap n’ pow{h}er’s method and message with fitness professionals worldwide!

This is not just a method, but a movement geared toward living a more balanced, strong, positive, and dynamic lifestyle.

tap n’ pow{h}er instructor trainings are accredited by NETA for 20 continuing education credits, (CECS).

We are also recognized as a continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance.

Is teaching tap n’ pow{h}er right for you?

If you have passion for helping others around you rise to a more positive vibration through challenging movement, and words of encouragement… leading this class is for YOU!

tap n’ pow{h}er’s course is ideal for those are actively teaching or practicing: dance, yoga, yoga fusion, barre, Pilates, Gyrotonic, and and any other form focused group fitness classes prior to signing up for Level One certification.

Our Promise:

We are committed to our Glowing Goddesses in training! Our Online Teacher Portal offers a  virtual apprenticeship post-certification that will prepare you to lead your community with confidence and passion! Delivering a quality fitness program that not only strengthens the mind and body connection, but also delivers words and messages of empowerment, self respect, love, and joy is what we are all about!

We are proud of our program and want to share it with the world!

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“tap n pow{h}er is a brilliant fusion of yoga, cardio, strength, and balance that creates an intense yet incredibly energizing workout.

It is a method that can meet anyone’s fitness level or goals! 

Having taken this class several times, I can personally attest to the cleverness behind it’s structure. The cardio component of the class allows clients to challenge themselves further by elevating the heart rate and burning fat rapidly. However, the yoga and strength sections placed carefully throughout the class allow clients to leave feeling relaxed yet energized. Overall, this method portrays  passion for life and drive to rise above obstacles as it relies on trusting oneself and body throughout the practice. Both as a teacher and student of tap n pow{h}er, never have I felt more inspired, encouraged, and uplifted then when practicing this method! It is truly a natural high that allows individuals to feel so empowered and beautiful. It meets physical, mental, and emotional needs as it allows you to travel through a unique journey. This method is like no other and one that can truly transform not only your body, but your mind!”

– Ellen Cobb, Co-Owner of Novo Fitness Studios