What our clients are saying…


Six months ago, after many convincing conversations, I finally promised a friend that I would visit {r}eleve’ one with her.  I have struggled with my weight all my life and was absolutely terrified to take my first class. What if I couldn’t make it through? What if I am the biggest girl in the class? What if I embarrass myself and my friend? Indeed, I was the biggest girl in the class, but instead of feeling defeated…at the end of class, I was so inspired!! From the first class to now, it is the BEST feeling to finish the hour and lay down on the mat!

– Beth B.

tap n pow{h}er  is one of the most empowering fitness class I have ever taken. The flow of the class frees your mind from worry, strengthens your heart, challenges your body and lets you leave feeling beautiful about yourself. I have never left a tap n’ pow{h}er  class without feeling anything but EMPOWERED, BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRED AND FREE.

-Melanie W.

tap n’ pow{h}er is my favorite class at the studio! The combination of cardio and core work has improved my balance and posture. The best part of the class is Amy’s encouragement. Even when I stumble or find myself off balance, Amy is quick to point out that I am changing and becoming stronger. I leave class feeling energized and confident – I wish I could attend class more often!

-Colleen M.


tap ‘n’ pow{h}er  is my favorite class because it makes me feel so energized and balanced after I do it. No other workout has ever made me feel this way!  I love how at the end of each class I feel like I have a clean slate and can take on anything!   The words of empowerment and affirmation at the end of each class are so beautiful and empowering.  My  mind and my body thank me every time I take this class and I wish I could take it more often!  Love it!

-Val D.

As a 16 year old, I began taking barre classes with the team at {r}elevé one. I never knew that I would fall in love with it and the community within it. I am now 19 and go as much as I can. Practicing with this community is much more than just a physical class for me. It is my therapy that I use to deal with stress, and I also love the challenging workout that never gets easy and shapes your body like no other workout! My entire body has changed into being so much more leaner than I ever expected. I plan to continue doing barre and tap n’ pow{h}er for the rest of my life!

-Anne Park H.

I started doing barre with Amy in 2011, right after having a baby. I had no idea what to expect because although I have been working out for years, I have never tried a class that involved a barre before. After my very first class I fell in love with the method. I loved the work out, the mental connections I gained with my own body, the physical toning it created in my physique and the emotional wellness I felt after I completed a work out. With each work out, I felt more energized, more balanced emotionally, and much more physically fit. I went from having to go to the chiropractor weekly for back and neck problems, to having to hardly ever go, because my back and shoulders have gotten so much stronger that adjustments became far less necessary. My flexibility has become incredible. I never knew how important being flexible was to daily activities and general body comfort until I became flexible through barre classes and started being able to do simple tasks with much more ease. I have become so addicted to taking barre classes in the last year, that it does not even feel like “work” like other classes or gym work outs use to feel like to me. When I go I feel like I am getting “me” time and the reward is a healthy and physically fit mind and body.

I will never go back to conventional workouts, and the way I stay in shape mentally and physically has forever been changed in a very positive way.

-Lindsay H.

My journey with barre began in the Spring of 2010. After a season of several big life changes, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. It was in essence my “wake up call.” My physician highly recommended I find a form of fitness that would focus on strengthening my core. Having tried big gyms and various types of fitness classes over the years, I never found a method that I truly “loved” and wanted to stick with. What I love about barre is the emphasis on proper technique and the hands on approach of having my form corrected and being challenged to bring my best to each class. Always changing, always challenging, the classes never get easier. I leave each class with a more positive attitude, strengthened and empowered for the day. The results of have been many: a much stronger core, more definition in my muscles, improved flexibility, better posture, and renewed confidence. The instructors are challenging and inspiring and Amy Weber’s positivity and energy are infectious. She motivates, inspires, encourages, and challenges me to be my very best. The pow{h}er method is something I can see myself doing years down the road. I am committed to it as part of my journey of focusing on a healthy body, sound mind, and a lifted spirit. I am very thankful to be a part of this amazing method!

-Zan N.

I have been coming to {r}elevé one for about 4 years now and it is the BEST workout out there!

It is like having a personal training session each time I am in class. All the instructors are hands on to make sure I am in the right position while doing each of the moves so I can optimize my workout as well as not injury myself.

I have been amazed at my increased flexibility, strength and muscle definition.

What is so unbelievable is that it never gets easier and that keeps me coming back to push myself to the next level.

-Bradley M.