How do I login to manage my account?

You can login to manage your account by CLICKING HERE!

If you are scheduling a class or making a purchase you can do that directly from this website by clicking on the class you want to take under the schedule page or the package you would like to purchase. Once you make a selection you will be prompted to sign in.

Below are some helpful instructions and scheduling tips to help you manage your reservations, account and billing information and guests.


Below are instructions to help you manage your wait lists.  You can view and cancel your current wait lists at anytime.  YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE ON A MAXIMUM OF FIVE WAIT LISTS AT ANY GIVEN TIME. If you are at your max of 5 wait lists you can always cancel a future wait list reservation and use it for a more current one.

1.  Log onto your account
2.  Click on the MY INFO tab
3.  Click the MY SCHEDULE tab
4.  Click on the Waitlist link behind Email my schedule (if you don’t have any wait lists this link will not appear)
5.  Click the cancel button next to any wait lists that you want to remove


FROM YOUR PHONE: (using the relevé one app)
1.  Launch the app from your phone
2.  Click the MY INFO tab at the bottom of the page
3.  Click the MY CLASSES tab
4.  Click the WAITLISTS tab at the top of the page under My Classes
5.  Click the class that you would like to cancel
6.  Click the Cancel this Class button at the bottom of the page
7.  Make sure you get the “you have successfully cancelled” message before you close the app

Log into the site FROM YOUR COMPUTER, not phone (
Click on the MY INFO tab
Click under the BILLING INFO (middle box) and click on the pencil icon that says EDIT
Enter your new credit card information
Click on SAVE

In order to use your member guest pass your guest MUST create an online account at Once the account is created, please email your guest’s name to and we will transfer the class to their account so they can schedule their free class online. Guest passes are subject to class availability so please give us as much advance notice as possible to help ensure a spot is available. Guest passes are non-transferrable to other studio clients. If you are using your perkville reward points for the pass you must REDEEM the pass from your perkville account before it can be applied to your studio account.

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