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Hey Ya’ll!!

I’ve been up to quite a bit since my last post, and though this is long overdue, I’m thrilled to re-launch our blog as I’ve finally found clarity on its exact purpose.

As we continue to move into 2016, I’d like this forum to be a place where sweet moments are recapped. Where people who need to be uplifted come to be inspired, where stories of faith are told, and where our Heavenly Father will be glorified.

If you’d like to share a Milestone or Miracle…please email me:

So…Here We Go….

After almost a 20 year spiritual journey, I opened my heart to the undeniable and perfect Love of Jesus this past October.

Over the past few months I have had many friends tell say that I’m “On Fire for the Lord”…

While I will share my full testimony in another post-…I am in agreement!

I have been ignited with a Powerful Love that I never knew was possible!

Don’t get me wrong; I have gratefully felt beautiful and extreme degrees of Love in my life. The true, sweet, and unconditional Love of family, friends, my adoring and faithful husband, and the pure and innocent Love from my children…

Yet…WOW…never a Love so intense!

Since that day, the Lord has shown me BIG things… MIRACULOUS things!

He has used the people with whom I’m closest to drive His Perfect Love deeper into my own heart! Radical, Supernatural and Fueled by Him! I continue to be awe struck by how He loves us THAT much!!

In January, many of you followed the Miracle Story of my dear friend, Shellie Rader. If not and/or you’d like to revisit the enormity of a miracle… CLICK HERE to read an amazing example of how God’s Love not only provides…but it HEALS!!

During the month of February, another sweet friend of mine battled the enemy in the form of a health related issue. Coming off the heels of Shellie’s supernaturally charged recovery, I knew exactly what needed to be done!

We needed to pray…Expectantly… For A Miracle!
We needed to thank God in advance for my friend’s total and restored health!

So…we called out to our prayer warriors and that’s exactly what we did!

To See What Happened…Read Below!



A little over a month a go something happened to me that was life changing. During the days of reading Amy Weber’s blog and her daily updates about Shellie Rader’s battle to recover from her life-threatening brain hemorrhage, I witnessed in Amy’s words and prayers her unshakeable, undeniable, never ceasing faith that Shellie would recover, and that she would receive complete supernatural healing. Most of you know that Amy committed her life to Christ only a few short months ago. I was completely amazed by Amy’s level of faith. She totally believed, completely trusted, and had undeniable assurance and confidence that God and Jesus would completely heal Shellie. WOW!

As far as back as I can remember I believed that God existed and I believed in God; but now I realize that my faith in God was very weak and did not have a solid foundation. My faith was never a strong aspect of my relationship with God. During difficult life situations, when I prayed for family, friends, or myself, I would pray but I NEVER really believed or trusted completely that God and Jesus would answer my prayers. I wished for things to happen, not believed that they would. Also sometimes worry and fear were constant companions during many of those difficult times.

Late one night, after reading the day’s blog that Amy posted after an extremely difficult day for Shellie and once again me witnessing Amy’s unwavering faith in response, I started sobbing. I couldn’t control it. My heart raced and my body shook. I literally cried out to God and asked that He fill me up with MORE MORE faith! I realized that my faith wasn’t just about believing that God exists. I needed more! I had to nurture and grow my faith by drawing closer to Him. I needed to begin to trust and unconditionally believe in Him and His promises. That next night I recommitted my life to Jesus! MORE Lord!

Why am I sharing this story with you? Because recently I had something happen in my life that tested my new faith and commitment. A little background info first; two years ago, I had surgery to remove a growth that surrounded the bones in my right inner ear. The surgery was successful in removing the growth but resulted in a severe hearing loss, a significant loss of balance, and an unceasing sense of pressure/pain in that ear because my Eustachian tube collapsed permanently.

Shortly after this Christmas, I had a severe upper respiratory infection. Unfortunately the illness caused severe ear infections in both my ears resulting in the rupture of my left (aka good) eardrum. I could barely hear. The pain and pressure was intense.

After a visit to my ENT specialist, his prognosis was not good. The hearing test showed that the normal hearing in my left ear was now a severe loss, just one step above my right ear. The specialist said that approximately 50-60% of my eardrum was ruptured. A typical rupture is approximately 15 to 20%. Complete healing would be much more difficult given the current state of my eardrum. This news was very difficult for me to hear because a ruptured eardrum that never healed was what caused the problem in my right ear years ago. I could not bear the thought of going through that pain again.

That night during my prayer time I realized that my difficult health situation would completely challenge my new and improved faith, but I realized though that in Christ I had everything I needed to overcome this. I started to believe, trust and be confident that I would be healed by Jesus. I started to expect a miracle, not just hope for one! For “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

During the following weeks, I gave my fear and worry to Him. I read scripture that guided my thoughts and offered me support. Were there moments where doubt crept in? YES absolutely, but then I would return to scripture and more prayer. A few of my favorite verses that really helped me were:
He will shield you with His wings! They will shelter you. His faithful promises are your armor. (Psalm 91:4.)
Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)
For we walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7)
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11: 24.)

The other thing that I did that helped me immensely was I reached out to my family and friends for prayer support. I was very specific in my prayer requests when I asked them to include me in their prayers. Everyone needs prayer warriors!!! Do not be afraid to seek their help. To each and everyone of my prayer warriors, THANK YOU for praying for me! I love you!

To conclude my story, just a few days ago, I had my return visit to the ENT doctor. On the drive to Vanderbilt Medical Center and while waiting in the waiting room, my heart was calm. I was calm during my hearing test. (This NEVER happens!) While waiting in the examination room, I didn’t tear up with thoughts of possible surgery or what bad news that I might hear. O God, my heart is quiet and confident. (Psalm 57:7) I believed and trusted that my left ear was perfectly healed by God. I believed that my hearing would return. The doctor began his examination with his scope and the images that popped up on the monitor took my doctor by complete surprise! My left eardrum was COMPLETELY healed! He then read the results of my hearing test report and he told me that my hearing in my left ear was completely restored to NORMAL! He shared with me that this was not the results that he expected given the condition of my ear on the last visit.

I just smiled. I expected a miracle and I received one.
Praise GOD!
With His Perfect Love,
Pam Hawkins


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