Rise Higher Retreat 2017!

SOLD OUT! Our 2017 women’s retreat is now sold out!
We are overjoyed to offer the first 22 guests to reserve their spot, an opportunity to attend our very special{r}ise higher retreatat the beautifully inspiring and captivating Evins Mill Resort, located just 90 minutes outside of Franklin.

Friday January 27th –
Sunday, January 29 2017!
Hosted by Amy Weber, founder of THE pow{h}er METHOD, this 3-day experience is designed to elevate your mind, body and soul to new heights!
This weekend getaway is perfect for women who are looking to connect, rise up, and thrive through form focused and meaningful movement, group and individual workshops, community bonding, dining, and relaxing all while surrounded by the awe inspiring wonder of nature!
Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it?!!
We promise…it will be a weekend you’ll treasure forever!
This retreat is open to members and non-members
of our fitness community. 

Bring a friend and make it a girls weekend you’ll never forget! 
Space is VERY limited and we expect to sell out rather quickly! 
 Get Geared Up, Get Excited, and 
Get Registered!
Evins Mill 4
Reclaiming Your Personal Pow{h}er:
Together, with Amy as your guide, you will weave a tapestry of love, light, reflection, vision, goal setting, and a deeper or new found closeness with the Lord! This intensive will give you new strength, wisdom, and perspective to both reclaim and further develop YOUR personal pow{h}er!
Group Soulful Sweat Sessions:
Experience the Heart. Soul. Sweat. Spirit. and Joyful classes of THE pow{h}er METHOD.
Form Focus Workshops:
Insightful and individual attention will be the focus of this experience as we break apart specific postures step by step to help gain a deeper understanding of how our bodies breathe, pause, and move. You will leave this retreat having gained more knowledge and will be physically stronger in your foundational mind-to-body movement; both of which will enhance your form and overall practice.
Gourmet Dining:
A BIG part of our reason for choosing Evins Mill Resort is their scrumptious cuisine. We will be customizing a menu with their executive chef that suits all dietary needs. Focused on farm fresh, local, and delicious food, the chef at Evins Mill is committed to feeding our bellies and our souls with his amazing food.
Cozy and Peaceful Accommodations:
This retreat is designed to take you beyond your comfort zone. Each room sleeps 2-3 people, so come ready to enJOY a bonding experience like never before! Don’t have a roomie? It’s ok, we will pair you up with someone amazing! (A few 3-bed rooms may be available. If you have 2 friends and would all like to share 1 room please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
GET EXCITED: take a virtual tour of the property!

The Cost:
This Experience in Total is Valued at over $1,000! 
SAVE $450 During Our Early Bird Special
Available for Purchase NOW
for only $550
What’s Included:
  • 2 Nights Lodging and 3 Day Use of Resort
  • Gourmet Dining: Dinner Friday, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Saturday, Breakfast Sunday
  • Full Access to Grounds on Resort
  • All Retreat Activities
  • Sweat Sessions
  • Form Focus Workshops
  • Reclaiming Your Personal Pow{h}er Seminar
  • Community Building
  • Cozy and Peaceful Accommodations
  • Quiet Restorative Time
  • Top-Notch Resort Staff
  • Majestic and Peaceful Scenery
  • And MORE!
In addition: your souls will be filled to the brim with
Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Truth, Spirit, and FUN!!!
We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to pour ourselves into creating this escape for women!
A place where we can connect with one another and within ourselves for a few days.
A place where we can unite in like-minded love and support!
A place where we can breathe…relax…restore…and just be!
Fearless Warriors of Truth and Love:
Let’s RISE HIGHER like never before and begin 2017 and the rest of our lives with arms and hearts open wide!
“The Best Thing To Being Wise Oneself, Is To Live In A Circle Of Those Who Are”
– C.S. Lewis
In Joy and Love,
“There are moments you know will be a part of your life forever. You see them coming. You prepare as best you can. And you praise God for every passing minute. This wasn’t that. I was terrified. Winding the countryside to the retreat house, I was there for the calorie burn and to be as invisible as possible. I’ve never been more glad to be more wrong in my expectations. {r}ise up was more than a weekend learn and burn. It was a weekend where – together – a room full of imperfect sisters chased after God and worked to balance through all of life’s challenges. I walked in unlike the group in almost every way but one- I, too, had been created in the image of the Most High, and that was the only qualifier that mattered. The work Amy lead us through was tough. My leg muscles and my heart muscle ached as we stretched and prodded, lengthened and opened wide. Leave it on the mat became more than a way to finish strong – it became the way I knew I needed to live. Nothing would be the same because of three days in scenic Tennessee when a child of God took to heart His promise that all things could rise up and be made new” – AE Graham
“Having attended annual fitness retreats spanning over more than a decade, Amy’s  {r}ise up retreat was inspiringly different. It fed more than my body, but nurtured my soul. It was a profound experience, shared with amazing women, in a most beautiful tranquil natural setting. I left empowered and enlightened. Having a clearer understanding of my purpose in this world. Stronger in mind, body and soul.” -Amy Sale
“This retreat was a real surprise to all of us in the way it unfolded- in the best of ways!   We thought we’d be working out several times & doing some “soul work,” too…. but the community that spontaneously happened meant that we were making rich, authentic friendships from the 1st HOUR.   When you combine internally focused “soul work” with deep relationships and the uplifting movement Releve One is known for…. well, watch out!!  You won’t forget this weekend!” – Angela Davis
“The {r}ise up retreat was not only relaxing for my body and my mind, but more importantly for my spirit! Amy offered tools that allowed us to explore our inner most voices and to learn more about what they were truly saying. We found ourselves growing as individuals through sharing struggles, fears and triumphs. Rise Up prompted a positive growth within and for it I am stronger and more confident with myself! I will always remember this retreat and the wonderful women who were apart of it! I am thankful for this newly found spirit that has made me more positive and content with the woman, wife and mother that I am! For this I am grateful!” – Sarah Roberts
Evins Mill is a scenic Tennessee resort property located near the town of Smithville – just east of Nashville. Minutes from Center Hill Lake, Evins Mill provides all the amenities of a luxury destination in the intimate setting of a country inn.
Evins Mill 5
Our guests will share a room with ONE other retreat guest, as we want this experience to be a time to bond, connect, and leave with new and lasting friendships! Guests who book will be able to request rooms with friends closer to the start of 2016, once reservations are closed. 
All twelve Creek Side rooms feature private exterior entrances, two twin beds, private bathroom and covered decks with creek side views. Accessible by an asphalt footpath from the Main Lodge, where guests arrive and park, Creek Side rooms come in two varieties – Mountain Laurel & Evergreen. Both offer immediate sight & sound of water and views of the opposing bluff to further enhance the relaxing and serene intention of our gathering.
For many guests, dining at Evins Mill is the highlight of their experience. Unlike a traditional B&B, Evins Mill is a full service resort, fielding a full chef and wait staff and offering not only breakfast but also dinner, lunch, breaks & full bar service. The cuisine is prepared fresh from the farm.
In an effort to acquire its food from local vendors who raise their animals in a humane, grass-fed and chemical-free environment and who grow their produce organically, Evins Mill is pleased to partner with a number of Tennessee-based food purveyors.
If lodging and cuisine are at front and center of the Evins Mill experience, equally salient are the many common areas where groups can mix, mingle and make merry. Between the Main Lodge, Gristmill and Solstice, public spaces include covered decks with great views, living rooms with wood burning fireplaces, an intimate dining room and an expansive game hall.
For more information about our 2016 {r}ise up retreat please contact Amy at info@releveone.com.
For more information about Evins Mill Resort, please visit them online at www.evinsmill.com.

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