Learn more about THE pow{h}er METHOD including what our clients and instructors are saying by watching our collection of videos below.
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30-minute sample tap n’ pow{h}er® class:

Get ready to sweat with our 30-minute sample tap n’ pow{h}er® class! Though we couldn’t fit in all of the exercises would we typically do in a full 60 minute class, we hope you enjoy this 30-minute sampling from our exciting new method. Try it at home- then come take a live class! Want to teach tap n’ pow{h}er in your studio? Click here to find out how you can become certified and join our glowing goddess community!

Creator and instructor chat:

Amy K. Weber, creator of the tap n’ pow{h}er® fitness method chats with other tap n’ pow{h}er instructors, teacher trainers and studio owners about their experiences teaching the method, what they love most about it, feedback they have received from their students, why they want to teach this empowering mind body class in their studios and what it was like to complete the 3 day training and certification program.